Art Craft and Design

Mr B Lane, ( Academic Leader) and Mrs J Fox, (Full Time Art Teacher)

All classes in KS3 will have one hour of Art each week throughout the year. Classes are no larger than 22 students. All students work within an Art Journal. Home study tasks support classwork enormously and is the norm. Accommodation is within the “Art Block”. Students work within three large fully refurbished Art Studios (May 2014 ).

Through KS3 You students will be able to develop your Personal Skills in Art.
Confidence building, improved presentation, critical understanding, Individual and group work, Numeracy, Literacy and ICT will be used to support personal creativity and promote improved success rates, a sense of achievement and enjoyment of this subject and beyond.

What will I study in year 7?
You learn the formal elements, skills and techniques used by artists to achieve greater success.
From a baseline assessment you will be challenged through drawing and painting using: graphite, pen and ink, chalk and pastel, and coloured pencils, tempera, watercolours and acrylic paints, to explore and create works of art. This will be based on contemporary and cultural references. The main aim is to develop your skills and understanding methods and “good practice“, when controlling the media.

What will I study in year 8?
The theme throughout the year for completing work is figurative. We will cover the key artists both past and present who have contributed to the development of Art. You will also review and engage in a higher level of proficiency and skill in the use of mixed media, research and understanding.

What will I study in year 9?
Between September and Christmas you will create a body of work based on a GCSE question. This will provide a clear evidence on which to base an informed decision to opt for GCSE Art and Design in KS4. Teachers and parents will also be involved in supporting your decision.
Additional craft activities, photography and sculptural exercised will be experiences throughout KS3.

GCSE Art and Design.
For the past four years we have had great success using the GCSE Edexcel Art and Design Examination Board. On average 50 candidates opt for this subject with outstanding resulting and value added gained. (2014 -93% A* – C, 2015-87% A*-C, 2016 – 89% A*-C). Two extensive coursework projects are completed in four terms; Figurative and Landscape. On completion of the coursework year 11 students complete a given examination Project under the watchful eyes of all the art staff.( Coursework 60% and Examination 40%).

Families, here’s how you can help.
• Provide your child with a pencil case containing basic equipment (pencils HB-6B, rubber, ruler and soft coloured pencils etc) and encourage this to be packed for school everyday. This can be used in other subject areas.
• Reinforce the idea that everyone can draw. It is a learnt skill that not only some have.
• Help your child practise drawing at home even if it is just doodling. Observational drawing would be the next step up.
• Ask your child to teach you what they have learnt today.