Behaviour Policy


 St Bede’s believes that good behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary to enable effective teaching and learning to take place. It therefore seeks to create a caring and learning environment based on the Gospel values of peace, justice and reconciliation in the school by:

  • creating a sense of good order and self-discipline characterised by fairness and justice;
  • promoting self-esteem, a proper regard for authority, and positive relationships based on mutual respect;
  • ensuring fairness of treatment for all and encouraging a consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviours;
  • providing a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying, and any form of harassment;
  • encouraging a positive relationship with parents and carers to develop a shared approach in the implementation of the school’s policy and procedures
  • recognising that reconciliation plays a fundamental part of the management of the behaviour of children and young people.


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