Policy for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers education and guidance programmes make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned progressive programme of activities supports them in choosing 14 – 19 pathways that suit their interests and abilities and help them to follow a career path and sustain employability throughout their working lives.

St. Bede’s High School is committed to providing our students with a programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (IAG) for all students in years 7 –11.

St. Bede’s High School endeavours to follow the National Framework for CEG 11 – 19 in England (DfES, 2003) and other relevant guidance from DCSF, QCA and Ofsted as it appears.

St. Bede’s High School’s Careers Education and Guidance policy has the following aims:-

  • to contribute to strategies for raising achievement, especially by increasing motivation
  • to support inclusion, challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity
  • to encourage participation in continued learning including higher education and further education
  • to develop enterprise and employment skills
  • to reduce drop out from and course switching in education and training
  • to contribute to the economic prosperity of individuals and communities
  • to meet the needs of all our students through appropriate differentiation
  • to focus students on their future aspirations
  • to involve parents and carers

Careers Coordinator
If you need to speak to someone in regards to careers advice please contact Mrs. Hunter on 01254 202519 or jhunter@stbedesblackburn.com

Student Entitlement
Careers Education and guidance (CEG) is an important component of the 14-19 Curriculum and at St. Bede’s High School, we fully support the statutory requirement for a programme of careers education in Years 7 – 11.

The policy was developed and is reviewed biennially by the Careers Coordinator and her Line Manager (Assistant Headteacher) based on current good practice guidelines by DfES/ Ofsted, CEG Framework.

Links with other Policies
It supports and is underpinned by key school policies including those for Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting Achievement, Citizenship, PSHE, Work Related Learning and Enterprise, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Health and Safety, Gifted & Talented and Special Needs.

Implementation of Careers Education
Careers Education is delivered during PSHE sessions in Years 7 – 11 by the Careers Coordinator, supported by tutors, at key appropriate points throughout the academic year.

Equality and Diversity
Careers education is provided to all students and provision is made to allow all students to access the curriculum. Students are encouraged to follow career paths that suit their interests, skills and strengths with the absence of stereotypes. All students are provided with the same opportunities and diversity is celebrated.

Year 7
The focus is about introducing careers and thinking about the vast number of careers / jobs available.

Year 8
The focus is linking our plans and dreams to reality.

Year 9
The focus is self assessment, career paths and options post 14.

Year 10
The focus is work experience including preparation, implementation and evaluation.

Year 11
The focus is post 16 options and the Application process.

Implementation of Careers Guidance
i) Careers library
• a wide range of materials
• open at lunchtime and after school
• situated in the atrium

  1. ii) New Directions Advisor (Careers)
    available to all students 2 lunchtimes a week
    • used for individual interviews with all year 11’s and other targeted pupils throughout the year
    • available at Careers Events

iii) Extra support where appropriate
• pupils in Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 are targeted for extra help by SENCO, Head of College and Careers Coordinator

Parents and carers
Parental involvement is encouraged at all stages. Online resources have been specifically chosen to help parents become more involved. All online resources are easily accessed through the links on the school website. Parents are kept up to date with careers related information through letters, newsletters and at open evenings. Parents are welcome at careers interviews and where necessary are invited.

A named member of staff co-ordinates the Careers programme and is responsible to her senior management line manager.

All staff contribute to CEG through their roles as house tutors and subject teachers. The Careers programme is planned, monitored and evaluated by the Careers PSHE team.
The careers Co-ordinator will liaise and consult with the New Directions PA to ensure that specialist career guidance is available when required.

The Careers programme includes careers education sessions, career guidance activities (group work and individual interviews), information and research activities, work related learning and individual learning activities.
Careers lessons are part of the schools Personal Development Programme. Other events and activities are planned and organised separately throughout the year.

A partnership agreement is ongoing with Blackburn with Darwen New Directions service, detailing the contributions to the programme that each will make.

New Directions Advisor (Careers)
• Available to all students 2 lunchtime per week
• Used for individual interviews with all year 11’s and other targeted pupils throughout the year
• Available at careers events

Other links with local 14-19 Providers are made when required. As are links with the local EBP, Post 16 and 18 destinations. Links with parents / carers are maintained using a variety of methods (parental leaflets, letters, options evenings).

Funding is allocated in the annual budget.

Staff Development
Staff training needs are identified as part of the Partnership Agreement process and during regular planning meetings between the Careers Co-ordinator and her Line Manager.

Funding is accessed through New Directions and from school funds. The school will endeavour to meet training needs within a reasonable period of time.

Monitoring Review and Evaluation
Careers Guidance is monitored and evaluated annually through discussion with key PSHE staff.

The Partnership Agreement with New Directions is reviewed annually.

The programme is reviewed annually by the Careers Co-ordinator and her Leadership Team Line Manager. Changes and improvements to the programme are then discussed along with timescales for completion.

When reviewing the programme, the School Improvement Plan (SIP) is used to ensure that the Careers Faculty is fully supporting whole school aims.

Your CEG programme will help you to:
• Understand yourself, your interests, likes and dislikes, what you are good at and how this affects the choices you make
• Find out about different courses, what qualifications you might need and what opportunities there might be
• Develop the skills you may need for working life
• Make realistic, but ambitious, choices about courses and jobs
• Develop a plan of action for the future
• Understand the different routes after Year 11 including training, further and higher education and jobs
• Be able to make effective applications for jobs, training and further and higher education
• Develop your interview skills
• Improve your confidence

You will receive:
• Careers lessons
• Guided tutor time
• Access to the careers library – information is available in books, videos, leaflets and on computer – ask for help
• Interviews with the New Directions Personal Adviser
• Work experience
• Other subject lessons linked to careers

You can expect to be:
• Treated equally with others
• Given careers information and advice that is up to date and impartial
• Treated with respect by visitors to the school who are part of the careers programme
• Given extra help if you have special needs

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