Equality Scheme

This scheme outlines the commitment of the staff and the governors of St Bede’s RC High School to promote equality.
In accordance with our mission statement and School values we strive to:
Guide and inspire success, with belief all things are possible

The School, its staff and governors will pay due regard, when creating and reviewing its policies, to the “protected characteristics” of our pupils, staff and stakeholders as contained within the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act defines nine “protected characteristics” as:
• Age
• Disability
• Gender reassignment
• Marriage and civil partnership
• Pregnancy and maternity
• Race
• Religion or belief
• Sex
• Sexual orientation

1) We will continue in our overriding aim to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation within the School and the broader School community.

2) We will seek to increase pupils understanding and awareness of equality and strive to achieve equality of opportunities for our pupils throughout the School and the broader School community. In so doing, we aim to remove inequalities in attainment throughout the School especially where such inequalities exist in relation to groups with protected characteristics. This will continue to be carried out in line with the Catholic Ethos of the school.

3) To foster good relations between different communities within our school and across the borough.

4) The School’s profile shows that the vast majority of pupils are of white British ethnic origin and of the Roman Catholic faith. As a result, their knowledge and understanding of other faiths and cultures can be limited and in terms of their religious education curriculum, they are at risk of underachievement.
The religious education curriculum will follow the Curriculum Directory and sequenced to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding on other faiths. For example, Year 7 Unit 4 – introduction to World Faiths; Year 8 Unit 2 Judaism; Year 9 Unit 1 Islam.
In addition, and given the demographic of the borough the School will engage with other partner schools and religious groups to broaden pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Islam particularly. This will involve conferences and joint learning activities. The further intention is that this leads to raising attainment in Religious Education where detailed knowledge of another faith is required.
Pupils from partner schools will be consulted and work together to plan the content and delivery of the scheme.
Through this scheme we aim to promote and develop understanding between communities and in so doing, help to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation. This will be by establishing dialogue with young people from other cultures, faith and communities within Blackburn. We also aim to increase understanding, community cohesion and knowledge of each faith though the educational objectives of the scheme.

Reviewed March 2021.