St Bede’s Prize Night for the Class of 2015 took place on Thursday 19th November.

Prizes were presented by the Hon Kate Hollern MP, and we are proud to announce that the award winners were:

Religious Education: Liam Atkinson
Art: Beth Moorman
Dance: Cora Halleron-Clarke
Design Technology: Callum Shorrock
Drama: Patrick McGrath
English: Niamh O’Malley
Performing Arts: Charli Hosker
Geography: Amber Charnley
History: Jessica Henderson
Computing: Abbie Gallagher
Mathematics: Sam Hindle
French: Ellie Pearce
Spanish: Sophie Fallon
Music: Charlotte Davies
Science: Luke Halpin

Victor Ludorum: Byron Abbott
Vixtrix Ludorum: Megan Hester

Catenian Prize for Head Boy: Sam Smith
Governor’s Prize for Head Girl: Jessica Henderson
Duke of Edinburgh Award: Martha Gallagher
Christopher Bradshaw Award for Sporting Achievement: Amber Charnley
Ted Cooper Award for Sportsmanship: Matthew Melia
Moran Trophy for Consideration to Others: James Lilley
Sharples Trophy: Josh Brocklebank
Dean Rylands Award for the Person who Represents School Ethos: Ebony Harrison
Knights of St Columba Award for Outstanding Progress: Ewan Suddick
Leech Trophy for Endeavor: Declan Heighway
Hatton Trophy for Attainment: Ellie Pearce


Congratulations to all of our leavers, and a huge thanks to all those who attended on what was a memorable evening of celebrations.