Policy on Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

The school recognises the importance that SRE can play in contributing to the development of healthy young people and this policy is designed to ensure that our pupils have access to all the teaching and resources that are required to enable them to make prudent judgements about sex and relationships.

Mission Statement

The mission of St Bede’s RC High School includes the requirement to guide and inspire each member of the school community so that everyone involved can reach their full potential in the light of the teachings of Christ and the values portrayed in the Gospels.

Aims of School

  • To develop in pupil’s a knowledge of the Catholic faith and a respect for the spiritual and moral values intrinsic to it.
  • To prepare pupils for adult life and for productive roles at work, in the community, at home and at leisure.
  • To provide pupils with the knowledge to keep themselves fit and healthy.

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