Worried about joining St Bede’s? Don’t be! Our current pupils are looking forward to meeting you, and they have written a few messages to help calm your nerves and welcome you to our school…



Dear New Students,

You’re probably wondering why St Bede’s is a great school to go to?  Well I can help you answer that. St Bede’s is great for so many reasons! First of all if you’re interested in sports, St Bede’s has an amazing PE block just for sports! PE have many clubs for you to join and take part in competitions. PE also have a large astro-turf for you footballers, a dance studio for you dancers and netball courts for those, like me, who enjoy to play netball. At St Bede’s we also have a great Music and drama / performing arts department for you! With music you can learn to play instruments in class and continue with lessons at the school or even join clubs like the choir! Performing Arts and drama also help you to become the best performer you can be with our amazing teachers guiding you along the way. If you’re interested in Art and Design Technology we also have an art block just for that! St Bede’s have so much to offer to you to help you enjoy your high school experience. We have amazing teachers to help you get the grades you deserve and your pastoral is always there for you, so you are never alone. Personally I think you will enjoy St Bede’s because it is a great school to attend. I hope I have helped answer your question.

P.S St Bede’s have great food in the canteen 🙂



Dear year 6,

I understand that you might be worried about your  transition into year 7, but really there’s nothing to worry about. The transition days are there to give you a taste of the school, however you will just go in head first. This is not at all a bad thing, everyone will be in uniform and you still have the same opportunities to make new friends, remember to be yourself and gaining friends will come naturally! The school may seem quite big and hard to navigate at first but you should have the hang of it within the first 2 weeks, until then just ask anyone for help and they will happily escort you to your lesson! Coming from primary you will be used to one teacher however in high school you have one for every subject, most the teachers are nice as you will soon learn. Just remember to follow rules (e.g. follow the one-way system around school), bring your equipment every day and keep your uniform in good standard. Overall, YOU WILL BE FINE! I wish you lots of luck!




Dear future year 7’s,

I hope you are looking forward to coming up to St Bede’s next year as there is a lot to look forward to. St Bede’s is a great school and all the teachers are really kind and helpful. There are loads of different activities you can take part in from sports, music and sciences; there is a wide variety of different clubs, bands and sports teams you can join as well as great coaches and teachers who lead them. You can also take part in lots of different interesting subjects and learn a lot of new and interesting things along the way. St Bede’s is a very friendly place to be and learn; there is no need to worry or feel nervous about coming up, especially after the complicated time everyone has gone through recently. So I hope you are looking forward and coming up in September.



Dear Year 6,

I’m here to calm your nerves and to tell you that High School is nothing to worry about! I am reaching the end of year 10 and I can still remember my first day of year 7, which was almost 4 years ago! Starting St Bede’s was such a memorable experience for me. I am sure it will be a time that you will never forget! It’s a time to make new friends and expand your learning into some subjects that you may never have liked before. We have an amazing Music Department which offers many new things for you to experience. This can range from taking lessons on an instrument that interests you, to joining the choir where you can learn new techniques on how to become more confident with your voice. St Bede’s also has a magnificent PE Department, offering many new opportunities and sports for everyone to try! PE lessons will  explore your strengths/ weaknesses with a range of sports such as netball or football. If you’re interested in sports, St Bede’s has many successful teams where you can take part in competitions against rival schools. This letter has only mentioned a fraction of the possibilities that St Bede’s can provide, so I hope that I will be  seeing you next year learning new skills and adventuring into something new! I hope I have provided a small amount of reassurance because here at St Bede’s ‘Everything is possible for one who believes’ Mark 9:23.





Hi My name is Amelia and I’m in Year 10. When I was going to start secondary school I was very worried about what it was going to be like as I don’t have any older siblings, but once you walk through the school gates you are welcomed with open arms as you flourish into your own special person. Throughout your time at this fantastic school you will have a variety of opportunities to excel in the activities you enjoy. Some of these activities could be sports, music, drama etc, as from personal experience the subjects at this school are amazing. I hope this has helped reassure you as there’s nothing to worry about. Looking forward to seeing you around school!