Chaplaincy is an essential part of life at St. Bede’s. With guidance from the Chaplaincy coordinator, both pupils and staff have a role in making the love of God visible and real in the lives of everyone in the school and the wider community. This is encompassed in our mission statement to guide and inspire success with the belief that all things are possible. We acknowledge that faith is required for us to fulfil our mission and, through the work of the Chaplaincy, we aim to create an ethos and opportunities for the faith of our community to flourish.

At St Bede’s, Faith is nurtured through the work of our Chaplaincy team. Weekly guidance is developed through focused themes which are closely linked to the liturgical calendar, and provided as whole school activities, integrated into House periods and College assemblies. We have strong links with our local parish and a regular priest presence in school. Prayers are said at the start and end of our school day and para liturgies regularly take place which follow, and celebrate, the liturgical year of the Church.  This programme places prayer at the heart of the school and seeks to find ways of putting the Church’s teaching of social justice into action.