Computing is a new and exciting subject where students explore computer hardware, software and networks, including games and mobile app development, website design and HTML, visual and textual programming. Students will learn about digital literacy, E-Safety, new technologies and cloud based technologies. Students will study the following topics:

Year 7

·          E-Safety.
·          Kodu.
·          Google Sketch-up.
·          Spreadsheets and Modelling.
·          Hardware, Software, Networks and Modelling.
·          Graphics and Desktop publishing.

Year 8

·          Scratch and Build Your Own Blocks programming.
·          Mobile App Development.
·          Databases and SQL.
·          Website Design and HTML.
·          Graphics.
·          Information, reliability and bias.

Year 9

·          Python Programming
·          Visual Basic Programming with .net Gadgeteer.
·          Visual Basic Programming within animation.

Students start on their KS4 work after Christmas in year 9.


At Key Stage 4 all students complete a GCSE in ICT. This has two components the board set Controlled Assessment, in which students have to demonstrate a variety of ICT skills based around a project set yearly, reflecting skills required in a modern day society.

The second component is an externally assessed exam which requires students to understand the relevance, impact and technologies involved in an online world.

Current year 11 students will be completing the BTEC in ICT, which focuses on web based technologies and mobile applications. Students study the following units:

  • Spreadsheet Development.
  • Website Design.
  • Graphics.
  • The Online World.

Extra Curricular Activities

Computer club runs on a weekly basis where students look at games programming, experiment with BBC Micro bits, raspberry pi’s and .net gadgeteer and more.

Our STEM project runs on Friday’s after school to design, build and program an unmanned helicopter and these students are given the opportunity to work with CAD packages and coding.

Coursework support runs every week to provide students the opportunity to further improve their skills and fully understand the requirements of the coursework requirements.