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At St Bede’s we believe that educational visits are essential to our pupils learning. These opportunities are an invaluable way to help pupils interact with their learning and develop their interests, experiences, relationships and skills beyond the school setting in an environment which is safe and relevant to learning.

We provide a diverse range of visits for both educational value and enrichment of our pupils. Below please see a proposed educational visit list for 2023/4. This is aimed to give parents information and allows families to make informed decisions about optional educational visits. Please be aware these trip details are for guidance only and details like dates and costings are approximates and are subject to change. In some instances, trips listed above may not be viable to run.

Click here to download our calendar of Proposed Trips

School trips, outings and tours are a privilege reserved for students who meet minimum standards of behaviour while at school. Please could all parents/guardians read the below guidelines for educational visits and code of conduct. Acceptance of participation on a school visit implies acceptance by all parents/carers and students of the Code of Conduct as a basic condition of the contract for the trip. Students who do not meet minimum standards of behaviour explained in the below document may be refused permission to participate in a school outing. Any funding costs incurred may be none refundable.  

Click here to download our Educational Visits Code of Conduct