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Worried about joining St Bede’s? Don’t be! Our current pupils are looking forward to meeting you, and they have written a few messages to help calm your nerves and welcome you to our school…



Dear Year 6,

When I first started high school I only had about one friend from my primary school and I was pretty worried about changing schools and making friends but when I got to high school everyone was so friendly, teachers and students.

At first, finding my way round school was really confusing but there are always teachers around to help so don’t be worried that you will get lost.

A lot of people (before they get to high school) assume it’s like one of those silly American teen movies, it’s not! There is no shoving people in the lockers and getting pushed around by the so called “popular girls”, that’s all rubbish. High school is where you make your forever friends and make memories.





Dear Year 6,

I remember when I was in year 6 and I was so scared to go to high school because I thought I would get lost or have no friends. But within the first few weeks I had already made a couple of friends and now I have a full friendship group with those same friends and I have never been happier with my bestfriends. And about getting lost, it took me about 2 weeks to find my way around the full school. Even if you did get a bit lost, the teachers will help you around and they are really nice to you. I hope this helps you understand that high school is NOT as scary as you might think!

From Nella



Dear Year 6 pupil,


Don’t be afraid of high school. There are so many people that you can be friends with. There are also so many clubs and activities that you might like.

Are you afraid that you will get lost? Don’t worry. In your planner you have a map of the school so you can find your class and there will be lots of staff that can help you. There will also be older years that can help you too.

Say please and thank you to the staff, don’t forget your planner and your equipment, make lots of friends an have good memories in your first day of high school. Lastly, have fun!




Dear Year 6,

I’m year 7 right now but I’ll be year 8 when you come to high school. This is simply the next step from primary and I’ve got to say, it’s a blast. Making ne friends and finding people with the same interests as you is really enjoyable.

High school isn’t exactly small and you may be worried about getting lost but I can assure you it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll most likely get guided by teachers on your first days and you’ll get time gist of the building in no time.

High school also brings many new opportunities, especially if you like sports. There’s opportunities such as football teams, basketball teams, drama club all the way to chess club. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.




Dear Year 6’s,

If you are worried about anything, don’t be. Because let’s say if you get lost a teacher will guide you to your next lesson. Or if you forget your homework, the teacher will give you an extra day or two to bring it in.

And all the teachers are very nice and trust me, I was a year 6 too who only turned year 7 recently. I was scared and nervous but I got more happy and comfortable in high school. If you’re worried about making friends don’t be, you’ll make friends straight away.

So don’t be worried for high school, be excited, but I understand if you’re nervous, everyone would be nervous too going into a bigger year.




Dear Year 6,


You have probably heard the words ‘don’t worry’ a million times but high school is not that bad. If you’re scared of getting lost, teachers are always on the yard to tell you where to go and you have a small copy of the school in your planner.

There are a lot of lunchtime and afterschool clubs for you to make friends. All the apps like Edulink, Scopay and Sparx are very easy to use.

You will get to experience most of everything on your induction days.




Dear Year 6,

Don’t be worried about joining high school. At lunch, break and after school there are many facilities and opportunities for you to learn or socialise. There are staff and students all round school so if you need help as you can’t find your way round school, ask a teacher that will mostly be in a high vis jacket. So don’t be scared.