Year 7 Content

  • ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’  Robert Browning
  • Melodrama
  •  ‘Revolting Rhymes’ Roald Dahl
  • Darkwood Manor
  • Harry Potter


Year 8 Content

  • Physical Theatre
  • ‘Our Day Out’ Willy Russell
  • Mysterious Disappearance
  • Fame
  • ‘Holes’ Louis Sachar


Year 9 Content

  • Back to Basics
  • Choices
  • ‘Teechers’ John Godber
  • ‘Bouncers and Shakers’ John Godber
  • Soap Opera

At Key Stage Three all pupils take part in one drama lesson each week.  Pupils will learn how to explore, develop and perform Drama over the three year period.   They will be given the opportunity to experiment with a number of scripts, as well as devising drama based on current issues.  Students will develop their understanding of non-naturalistic Drama skills and learn new techniques to allow them to create entertaining and engaging performances.  Drama lessons encourage confidence and help pupils to develop team work skills.  Lessons feature the use of technical resources in addition to a range of classic and contemporary resources in order to engage and challenge pupils and ensure that they make excellent progress.   All members of staff in the Drama Department have extensive experience in the performing industry and aim to inspire students with passion and enthusiasm.

GCSE Drama is offered as an option subject in years 10 and 11 and follows the AQA specification.

BTEC Performing Arts is offered as an option subject in year 10 and 11 and follows the Pearson Edexel specification.